The Olympic Charter: the IOC is outside the law!

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The Olympic Charter: the IOC is outside the law!

International Criminal Tribunal for members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The task which is put before the experts of the newspaper "the President" to force the international community, honest lawyers, journalists, athletes, physicians, coaches, hundreds of millions of fans and sports enthusiasts to review their tender and benevolent view of the organization.

  • • The Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Matvienko said on the afternoon of 4 February 2018:
    • the IOC and WADA need reform, they do not act through democratic procedures. A serious problem – they [the IOC and WADA] have commercialized international sport, Olympic movement, in a sense, I would say, turned them in business, put in the forefront all athletes, and making a profit", – said the speaker. "Is that right? Maybe you should look in the Olympic Charter?"– put questions Matvienko,

Dear Valentina, the experts of the newspaper "the President looked to the Olympic Charter! And I was horrified. Literally the terrible terror.

This organization is OUTSIDE the law and OUTSIDE the control of any Supervisory authorities and intergovernmental bodies. And about this "peeking" and analysis read on the website of the office of the IOC (IOC), we decided to tell the authorities and you personally.

Apparently, even the President and Prime Minister of the Russian state, despite its extensive legal experience, not looking to the Charter of the IOC, he is the Olympic Charter. This is a basic and very sparse document that is written so that the IOC is not accountable to anyone and he creates the organization in the form of ships, laboratories, universities and other and other…

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) even in his own documents of the IOC (IOC), is a private, private organization with a full range of criminal units operated outside the law, both international law and the jurisdiction of the country of the founder of Switzerland.

And Switzerland itself only in 2011 became a country member of the UN!

The IOC and its Charter, aka the Olympic Charter, in force 07.07. 2007.

The IOC is an offshore hole, allowing to evade taxes. Offshore registered in the Canton of Lausanne. The village of Lausanne, where the IOC is one of the most sweet places in tax like Geneva, Zurich, Zug and Basel!

In accordance with this information, the IOC is a non – profit structure, but does everything he wants outside the jurisdiction of both international law and the States on whose territory its office. This is a typical Swiss legal entity offshore in nature.

IOC is a financial fraud, business in sport, doping, trafficking in biomaterials and narcotoline substances! This is a private organization that covers and welcomes experiments with people of different races.

The Olympic Charter: the IOC is outside the law!

The Olympic Charter: the IOC is outside the law!

The IOC is a racist organization that deliberately destroys the dignity of Nations, by manipulation of substitutions and the mob. This organization, according to experts and informants, on a commercial basis, enters into an agreement with the governments of the States participants of the Olympic games and competitions and deliberately condones and promotes athletes from these States, without subjecting them to doping control, and athletes of other States exposing hard terror and control with the substitution of test results and samples!

So it was at the Olympics and Beijing. So it was at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. So it was for many qualifying rounds. This requires a thorough international investigation and punishment of those responsible.

Crimes of sports officials engaged in the Ministry of justice.

What makes the IOC, under the guise of the fight against doping and Vada corresponds to the composition of financial crimes, have been severely repressed in the US and the EU! In the opinion of financial analysts, that is what the IOC and organizations around the world – fraud in especially large size a group of persons!

Namely, by introducing citizens and other persons, government agencies astray with the aim of obtaining real political preferences and consequently, the economic nature and their subsequent realization in cash.

These include – getting the gold and other prizes and awards in terms of competition with a restriction of the possible participation of real competition.

This publication has undoubtedly played a very important role to split in the IOC and court of arbitration for sport SAS (CAS).

Only after the judges learned that their acts may qualify as crimes against humanity, and saw in his actions all the signs of racism politicized and biased approach to Russian athletes, and only after this CAC from Lausanne suddenly, and contrary to the will T. Bach, fully restored and justified Russian athletes. Which, recall, was dismissed earlier by the decision of the IOC for life!

Thomas Bach was very unhappy about this sudden decision of their own judges, as probably has already received a huge advance on Koreans, Chinese and others, a huge amount. So say some sources.

Asians really want the victory and triumph of the White Olympics. And it will be revealing the triumph of their race. Because and zealous Chairman of the IOC, which many scholars already see in a prison cell!

Our domestic lawyers took a mouthful of water and keep quiet, and I can't do the analysis of the actions of the IOC? They shame and suspension. Our sports lawyers, as it turned out, in fact, only earn on customers – athletes, and to prove the absence of scratches on the tubes, giving a broad analysis of the crimes against the Russian and against our country in key international legal norms and acts.

The newspaper "the President" proposes to start collecting facts and evidence against the IOC (IOC). And to send materials to the U.S. Department of Justice. And in our authorities. And establish their own cooperation with the United States, the international criminal Tribunal, as neither Russia nor the United States signed the Rome Statute on the already existing Tribunal.

The international criminal tribunals judicial bodies established in accordance with resolutions of the UN Security Council. They formulate norms of its process and taken in accordance with legal procedures, and form their domestic law, taking away the sources of the applicable law in accordance with the methods prevailing in other international courts.

I hope that the investigation and the establishment of the international criminal Tribunal for the IOC (IOC) will be a force main countries of the world.

Andrey Arkhipov,

Deputy chief editor of the newspaper "President", member of the Association of lawyers of Russia

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А что? Архипов уже стал публиковаться на английском? Так сказать В УГОДУ НАШИМ "ПАРТНЕРАМ"?

Кроме Бондарика из Канады, тут никто из ЛАТИНОСОВ (АНГЛО КАТОЛИКОВ) НЕ ПРОБЕГАЛ - -  (к чему этот текст?)


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Ни кто МОК судить не будет. Эту контору создавали те, кто навязал всему миру Римское Право, по которому и работают законодательные институты во всем мире.


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Твоя ЖО тупая как Жо гиппопотама - -Ты это жуе давно доказал на этом сайте
Чего так теперь то уж стараться?


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только неучи очкарики огрызаются на Правду -Или гусские-росСИОНОвские яуфрейчики - -Ты кто из них? Антуан
Я подозриваю что ты яуфрей очкарик -вечный студент прыщавый -Перемотай голову мамкиными трусами -Мы так и быть -будем думать что ты НИНЬзя из псих диспансера - - Да? Антуаша


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